Rating : I rate it a 4.5 because it is a little bit scary and i do not like scary things

Question 1 What is this book about:

In the beginning  a class had summer school and they had to bring projects into school  but only 6 kids Becca, Matt, Danny, Kylie, Frankie, and Miguel showed up because other kids had gotten an email saying that summer school was canceled and so did the teacher . The 6 kids get there and nobody’s there so they try to leave but the door to the class room is locked so they try to call their parents but they have no cell service so they look around and they find the email that was sent on a piece of paper and then a game master symbol appeared on the whiteboard and then a crackle voice from the loud speaker….

Question 2 What i liked about the book: I liked all of the adventures in the book 

Question 3 what characters I liked in the book and why : I liked Danny because he was smart. He reminded me of me.