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Create, seed, and integrate innovative sustainable solutions

Strategically engineer paths to a sustainable future

Strategy Consultant

Apply over a decade of environmental and R&D executive leadership skills to hone tailored strategies and solutions to action

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Grow diverse leaders and allies that are empowered for collaboration on positive changes for environment and equity

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Develop Integration Engineering and sustainability leadership
with thought-provoking publications and learning approaches

Sustainability In Action

Spearheaded First Aviation Biofuels Flight

When we gathered experts from around the world in 2006, they guessed that it would take 20-30 years before we could fly with plant-based jet fuel.  Integrating the knowledge and know-how into a strategy, the flight demonstration challenge was just the catalyst needed to enable biofuels flight in less than 2 years. Subsequent work defined the standards for 50/50 blend of sustainable biofuels and methods to calculate the 50-80% reduction in carbon footprint. Strategy in action!

Created Boeing’s ecoDemonstrator Program

I created the ecoDemonstrator concept in 2010 to accelerate promising innovations more rapidly from the lab into flight.  Integrating the R&D portfolio with a cadence of flight demonstrators in collaboration with the industry provided a forcing function for advancements to be ready more quickly for the next takeoff.  The program has been a great success and has flown 8 test airplanes and over 160 technologies in the last decade, including 737(2012), 787(2014), 757(2015), Embraer 170(2016), 777F (2018), 777 (2019), 787 (2020), 737MAX (2021).